Our Services

Here's what we can do for your outsourcing requirements. The lot!

IT Auditing

Get on top of all infrastructure, with on demand reporting and auditing.

Dashboard Monitoring

Ensure "eyes-on" 24/7 for mission critical services and operations.

Virtual Assistants

Get tedious, time consuming IT tasks into the hands of the most efficient professionals.

Remote Reporting

Analyse audits, compile reports and leave no stone un-turned - efficiencies.

A Benefit / Feature

A+ Is All About Our Services

We conduct certification and qualification checks, including background checks, skills assessments and everything required to source the best possible hire’s for your IT firm.

Client Testimonials

“Outsourcing instead of insourcing has saved us many headaches and sleepless nights”
T. Stompstren
“More cost effective than we previously thought. An all round great solution provided by the team.”
M. Tarnier
“Helped out in a sticky situation, the talent supplied did an excellent job. Saved our clients on this one. Cheers, Baz.”
Baz Tandentine

When Virtual Out Plays Reality

This is your chance to seize the reality of the moment right now.